INFO  / biography


born in Erfurt, East Germany
military service, dishonourable discharge for political reason
(former socialist system)
work in different occupations, among other things in museums,
electronics factory, theater
son Leopold born
freelancer artist
living in London
working on the Monument for the Unknown Deserter of the German Wehrmacht
in Erfurt, fierce public controversy on the topic of desertion respectively
"subversion of national defense" and "soldier virtues",
after the political majority advocated the monument, the opponents aimed with
effective publicity on the artistic qualification of the artist and his work
(the monument has been completely rehabilitated and awarded by the Free State of Thuringia)
turning to scientific-technical concepts and long-term projects
establishment of the artists group "5-Room-Apartment"
using AAA. as a label for art and architectural projects
living in Tokyo
public art and technology project DAISY.WORLD,
new spatial-kinetic media system for the generation of real objects
with "expansion cells", digitization of the haptic space
living in Berlin
artistic collaboration with CIRCUS OF NOW, Berlin,
responsibilities: Visionary Construction
working on the Holy Benignus of Bischleben
study of alternative contemporary, religious concepts,
spiritual movement of the "Frontiers of Belief",
long-term project PIETÀ OF ERFURT, public discourse for permanent installation
of a secular devotional space at Erfurt Cathedral Hill
increasingly intensive study of the subject WHISKY
goal: building a small home distillery in the artist studio
label L.M.B. / LISA MAGNUSSON BAKERSUND for text-related projects
cultural-political campaign BGE:GE, "conditional basic income"
for non-commercialisable cultural tasks
long-term project SAMSON in the context of migration and growing
long-term project ERFURT STARS for the establishment of memorial sites for
deceased artists of the city
foundation of  NICOLAI & SOHN . WHISKY
whisky art destillery in the cultural platform of the state capital: ZUGHAFEN

study and working stays in Colombia, Japan, Scotland, Dubai, San Francisco, New York City
and London

high school diploma (Abitur)
refusal of fine arts study for political reasons (former socialist system)
self-teaching: art of drawing, steel-, wood-, stone sculpture, engineering,
architecture, computer design, video editing, art history etc.
architectural study, Bauhaus-University Weimar
natural scientific studies, „Biotic Sculptures“
self-teaching: whisky art of distillation, cultural history and chemical-physical knowledge

grant for literature of the Free State of Thuringia
work scholarship for printing graphic arts of the Free State of Thuringia
grant of the Foundation Culturefund
grant of the Ministry for Science, Research and Culture of Thuringia;
German arts award of the Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken 1999/2000,
Sprengelmuseum Hannover
foreign scholarship of the Foundation Culturefund;
artist in residence in the Cultural Exchange House Shuhocho/Yamaguchi-ken
grant of the Cultural Foundation of Thuringia
grant of the Cultural Foundation of Thuringia;
catalog publication grant of the foundation Stiftung Kunstfonds

Henry Boxer, Kensington/London
landing of an angel on the levels to the Erfurt Cathedral
(performance with helicopter)
Museum Young Art Frankfurt/Oder;
Orangery, Art Collection Gera
Castle Elisabethenburg, Meiningen
Kunsthaus Erfurt
„ART is EGO“ (Cultural Year Weimar 99) Citadel Petersberg, Erfurt;
„German Arts Award of the Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken 1999/2000",
Sprengelmuseum Hannover
Artists Forum Bonn
Club Radio:On, Gaiemmae/Tokyo;
Chancellor’s Office Berlin (Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder);
Gallery Kobo Chika, Ebisu/Tokyo
„Leading Culture”, Kunsthalle Erfurt;
Gallery Framework, Berlin
Second Berliner Kunstsalon
Museum Young Art Frankfurt/Oder;
“Blueprints II”, Museum MAN Berlin;
„ARCADIA“, Stables Gallery, Richmond, London Biennale;
„CORE“, illuminate productions, Southbank London;
“Another Vacant Space”, Museum MAN Liverpool, project Liverpool Biennale
“InterActive: New Technologies in Contemporary Architecture”,
Bernoudy Gallery of Architecture, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA;
„MEDIAFACADES 08”, German Center for Architecture Berlin
„Reliquaries of Empires Dust“, Museum MAN in Bereznitsky Gallery Berlin;
Presentation of SIGNO patent promotion at HANNOVER MESSE;
„2 from … Erfurt”, KasselerKunstVerein, Fridericianum Kassel
"InterActive: New Technologies in Contemporary Architecture", Universität Cambridge
Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College und Department of Architecture;
World Premiere "Yma", Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin (collaboration set design)
“Squatting. / A crowd of living artists in the museum”, Angermuseum Erfurt
Humboldt University of Berlin, Institute of Physics, Lise Meitner Building;
Art 13 Zürich / International Contemporary Art Fair, gallery Pack of Patches, Jena


State Chancellery Thuringia
Office for Monument Protection Erfurt
Casa Industrial Alemana, Santafé de Bogotá, Columbia
Ministry for Science, Research and Culture of Thuringia
State Board of Works Erfurt
Sophien- and Hufeland hospital complex Weimar
Municipality of Chuho-cho, Yamaguchi-ken, Japan
DaimlerChrysler AG, Corporate Art Department
Siemens Power Generations, Electric Generator Manufacturing Erfurt
Angermuseum Erfurt
Art collections of the Humboldt University of Berlin


„Monument for the Unknown Deserter of the German Wehrmacht“, Citadel Petersberg, Erfurt
„Lindwurm“, stone sculpture, Erfurt old part of town
„Cellar Ghosts“, stone figures, Citadel Petersberg, Erfurt
„Postbox“, steel sculpture, family Scherer, Erfurt-South
„Jonathan“, marble sculpture, Togo no Mori Park, Jingu-Mae/Tokyo
„Angel“, steel sculpture, headquarter Metal Construction Möller, Erfurt
“Holy Benignus of Bischleben”, lifesized marble sculpture, evangelic parish church Erfurt-Bischleben